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Air Plants-

What Are Air Plants?

Air Plants are a variety of Epiphytes, meaning they do not need any soil to develop.

Because they do not need dirt, you can put them in places such as, shallow glass bowls, or tie them to things like driftwood with fishing line, or simply set them on a window sill.

Air Plant Care

Despite their name, they do need more than just air to survive. They do need lots of water, but if given too much they will die.

The trick to watering them is- Do not mist them-

Once a week, submerge them in water for about 60 seconds, gently shake off any excess water, and turn them upside down for at least 4 hours. Doing this gets the water out of the core, which can lead to rot.

Using distilled water is best.

Tap water contains chemicals that can be too high in salts that will burn them. You can also take tap water and let it sit overnight.

Feed them once a month by adding fertilizers specialized for Air Plants to the water used to dunk them in.

They like temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Give them at least 4-6 hours of bright, filtered light a day.