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Plant or flowering plant that lives for three or more growing seasons.

Most Perennials do not bloom until their second season.

Flowering Perennials do best when planted in the Spring or Fall when the temperatures are cooler, which allows them to settle in and grow new roots.

When are picking your new Perennials for your garden that  you pay attention to the planting zones for the plant. We are located in zone 4b.


Dig a hole that is a little deeper than the pot or container the plant is in and twice as wide. When placing  your plant in the hole make sure it is at the same level as it was in the container. Once the plant is placed, cover with soil and make sure to give enough water that it reaches the root ball. When transplanting it cause a lot of stress to the plants, so making sure they get enough water and that it is not too hot or too cold, which could shock the plant and kill it.


Make sure the soil is never overly dry or wet.


Every 3-4 years, when they are not blooming, so in the early Spring, divide the biggest plants.

This helps the plant to keep blooming. If you notice that the plant is not blooming the way it should, it is more than likely time to thin the plant.

To do this you will need to dig the plant up, divide into smaller clumps and replant for more Perennials!

Trim away any dead or damaged leaves or stems.